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Cloud Services Practice

Drive Digital Transformation With Our

Accelerated Offerings

Irrespective of the size of the organization, our Cloud Services Practice is a means for initiating digital transformation. We provide the following five key offerings that our clients can pick and choose from depending on where the client is on their journey-to-cloud path. The actual scope of the work involved in executing these offerings will depend on the size of the organization, the maturity of the cloud adoption, and a number of other factors.  


Our Cloud Services Practice offering portfolio meets the needs of every customer irrespective of where they are in their cloud journey.

Cloud Strategy

  • Cloud business strategy and planning

  • Cloud technology strategy and planning

  • Cloud technology evaluation and selection planning

  • Cloud readiness and migration development roadmap

Cloud Architecture

  • ​​​Target cloud infrastructure architecture

  • ​​Target data architecture

  • Target application architecture

  • Target cloud security architecture

Cloud Deployment

  • ​Implementation of a new public or private cloud platform and/or cloud infrastructure environment 

  • Implementation of new SaaS application deployment and integration 

Cloud Migration

  • Lift and Shift an application & infrastructure from on-prem to target cloud (private, public, or hybrid) environment

  • Migration a legacy application to a Saas Application

  • Migrate application data and relevant storage to the cloud

Cloud App Development

  • Cloud-native application development using PaaS

  • Create cloud-native custom extensions to Saas capabilities

  • Integrate cloud applications with other existing cloud or non-cloud systems

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